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Efficient technology-enabled operations are critical in the Food and Beverage Industry for improving productivity and enhancing the work environment for staff retainment. Efficient food outlets are already adopting technology such as digital services and kitchen automation. These include robotics and technology-enabled modular systems that improve the overall supply chain – from processing and production (Back-of-House), to service at the table (Front-of-House).  

BotsCom incorporates intelligent robotics to automation solutions, where more complex tasks can be achieved. Our robotic arm can be tasked to grill beef, pick the raw meat from the chiller, cook it on the griddle, plate the steak and have it placed at service point, all at the touch of a button.


Single restaurant entrepreneurs can adopt bite-sized automation in their outlet kitchens, where workflow can be streamlined and redesigned to reduce labour-intensive tasks.

BotsCom has installed a high precision robot system in leading restaurants in Singapore. Meals can now be made a lot faster and with perfect consistency.  

Central Kitchen and Outsourcing of food preparation

F&B outlet kitchens can be made much more efficient with the concept of outsourcing parts of the meal preparation to larger, better-equipped and automated central kitchens, operated by food manufacturers.

By outsourcing some or all food production to central kitchens, smaller F&B operators can do without hefty investments in fully-equipped kitchens. In addition, kitchen staff would have more time to review menu items, and work with the manufacturer to serve consistently good food.

BotsCom has extensive expertise in designing and installation robotic automated in a centralise food preparation environment.


Ready Meals

Many successful F&B operators offering Ready Meals are leveraging a fully automated central kitchen, to enable lean operations, where kitchen assistants only prepare ingredients and serve.

BotsCom Robotics’ has the technology to help back-of -house F&B operators streamline manpower and the chef’s time is freed up for the all-important menu engineering. By extension, the concept of ready meals could open new distribution channels, such as supermarkets and e-commerce, without having to open additional outlets

Food & Beverage Kiosk

Food vending machines save manpower and space. Serving freshly cooked or prepared meal in a Kiosk environment will extend the benefits of vending machines to new level.

A food outlet installed with BotsCom robotic solution require substantially less manpower than an eatery offering a similar menu and seating space. It can operate 24x7.

Robotic Chef/Barista/Bartender

Robotics deployed at the front-of-house to serve customers have proven to be both efficient and entertaining. Our robotic platform can be programmed to fulfil the task of frying an omelette, making coffee or serving cocktails.

“The move to implement technology in hospitality is more rapid in Singapore than in other parts of the world. We work with technology and invest in innovation to enhance guest experience and be ahead of times,” said Lee Richards, Vice-president of Operations at Millennium Hotels and Resorts, which operates M Social Singapore.

Millennium Hotels and Resorts has deployed the machine to its other hotels, the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, M Hotel Singapore, Orchard Hotel Singapore and Studio M Hotel.


Leading the Industry

The first in the industry to embrace the Robot Operating System (ROS) architecture. It provides an integrated environment where robotic tasks can be separately run on any open source OS with different ROS nodes.

High performance and overall system robustness are achieved by executing real-time ROS nodes and non-real-time ROS nodes on our Modular Robotic architecture.

BotsCom is looking to develop a more modular robotic system that caters sufficiently for different applications to drastically bring down the cost. The modular design in hardware coupled with open-source software platform using ROS will enable comprehensive integration of human collaborative capabilities specifically for F&B business. Our core technical expertise includes:

  • Micro-controllers/embedded system.
  • Wireless technology in Blue-Tooth, Wi-Fi, 4G.
  • Robot Operating System (ROS).

According to ABI Research, the incorporation of the robotics aspect into the wider IoT transforms the landscape currently dominated by business models built upon passive interaction to dynamic and physical relationships between the digital and physical world. At BotsCom, our innovative collaborative Robot solutions are now bridging the traditional robotic automation and IOT. Breaking new grounds in  predictive maintenance while introducing applications in the scope of sensor-based data to achieve specific outcomes based on this real-time data.


Breakfast Egg Kiosk

We have developed the state-of-the-art Autonomous Robotic Chef (ARC) for the hospitality market. It is the world’s first front-of-house autonomous service chef robot. It is job is to make the perfect egg dish for guests.

Guests need only to place an empty plate on a designated platform and the robot will do the rest by adding oil/condiments, cracking the eggs and frying them. The dish will be ready in 3 minutes. The user has a choice of sunny-side up or omelette. More recipes will be added to the solution.

M Social Singapore’s award-winning restaurant, Beast and Butterflies, has deployed this robot to serve their guests.

Millennium Hotels and Resorts is rolling out to its other hotels, the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, M Hotel Singapore, Orchard Hotel Singapore and Studio M Hotel.



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